Get in the Game 

No matter who’s playing in the Big Game next month, there’s one thing everyone can agree on: game day snacks are a huge part of the watching experience. 

Social distancing measuring means there will likely be fewer large get-togethers, so it’s possible that your customers may turn to you for their Game Day favorites. And since the best offense is a good defense… it’s time for a game plan! 

Game Day menu maker MVPs 

Do you have one of these MVPs on your menu already? The top five ordered items on DoorDash for Game Day in 2020 were:

Fast Food - Fries copyFrench fries. No surprise there  — fries go well with everything. From burgers to wings to sandwiches and everything in between, fries are a Game Day staple for customers. 


Lunch - Sandwich copy

Sandwiches. The best invention since sliced bread… literally. Portable, easy to eat with one hand, and minimal cleanup required. 


American - Chicken Wings copy

Wings. Wings are synonymous with Game Day, and with all the tasty sauce options and combinations, there’s something for everyone. Score some extra points with your customers by adding napkins or moist towelettes.  


Pizza-active copy-1

Pizza. Is there any top 5 list pizza isn’t on? DoorDash customers love pizza, and we don’t blame them. Plus, pizza is easily shareable and customizable, so everyone gets what they want while watching the Big Game. 


American - Fried chicken copyFried chicken. Whether customers are celebrating a win or mourning a loss, a delicious spread of fried chicken is the perfect accompaniment. 


Other popular items include burgers, barbecue, dumplings, mac and cheese, and sushi. The top five cuisines ordered on Game Day in 2020 were:

  • American 
  • Fast food
  • Asian
  • Chicken
  • Mexican

If you don’t offer these cuisines or items, don’t worry — there’s plenty of time to add a new or limited-time item to your menu for the Big Game. 

How about offering a special themed package for the Big Game? You could include:

  • A collection of your most popular finger foods
  • Flights of beer or specialty cocktails. Check your city’s alcohol regulations, first. 
  • Items or ingredients that are popular in the home states and cities of the competing teams
  • Football-themed items or party favors (e.g. Endzone Enchiladas, Two Point Conversion Nachos, Midfield Mozzarella Sticks, Quarterback Queso, Fair Catch Fries, Red Zone Ranch)

Win big with Big Game promotions 

Special Game Day promotions are a great way to encourage customers to include you in their plans. 


Use social media to run fun, interactive giveaways, like:

  • Virtual sweepstakes or contests
  • Big Game Bingo or Touchdown Trivia 
  • Consider encouraging customers to share your content on their social media as a way to enter

Prizes can include free menu items, gift cards, merch, and more. Reminder: You're responsible for compliance with any applicable rules and regulations governing giveaways. 

Game Day Discounts

There are plenty of promotions you can offer via the Grow Your Sales tab in the Merchant Portal, including: 

  • Discounts on specific items, like Game Day favorites and dishes made to share 
  • Discounts on cart minimums, encouraging customers to order an extra dish or two 

We’re rooting for you 

Whether it’s promoting a popular menu item, adding special Big Game offerings, running a giveaway or offering discounts, there are plenty of ways to engage with your customers around Game Day.  

If you’re not already a DoorDash partner, this is just the beginning! With comprehensive e-books, training guides, and much more, DoorDash has the tools to help you grow your business — and not just on Game Day. 


Jen Brown
Jen Brown

Jen Brown is a copywriter based in Los Angeles. Her professional experience includes writing for  tech, nonprofits, manufacturing, entertainment, and consumer goods, but her lifelong commitment to spending most of her income at restaurants has been excellent preparation for writing for restaurant owners, operators, and staff. When she’s not planning (or writing about) her next meal, she likes to spend time outdoors and meet other people’s dogs.