2021 Restaurant Conference

The 2021 Main Street Strong Restaurant Conference has wrapped, but if you weren’t able to join us or want to revisit your favorite sessions, you can watch all sessions on demand now.

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2021 Conference Sessions

Brand and Culture

Building a Lasting Brand and Culture

Hear from Stephanie Izard, first-ever Chief Restaurant Advisor at DoorDash and Chef and Owner of Girl & the Goat, about her entrepreneurial journey to becoming a leader in the restaurant industry, plus how she has established a well-respected brand and restaurant culture. 


The Future of Fast Casual

Chef JJ Johnson shares where he's investing next and how fast casual can still drive needed change in the industry as suburban fast food has outpaced all other categories.


State of the Restaurant Industry 2021 and Beyond

Get the latest data on current and upcoming trends critical to the industry’s growth and success over the upcoming decade and examine how these opportunities are reshaping the industry’s sales, workforce, technologies and off-premises markets.

On and Off

Balancing On-Premise and Off-Premise

The combination of increased in-person demand and record interest in delivery may be a challenging balancing act. Learn how to optimize your delivery, pickup, and dine-in strategy and revenue streams as you re-open.


Unveiling of New Products

DoorDash’s President Christopher Payne gives a preview of how we're gearing up to help support you in managing through one of the most uncertain economic periods the industry continues to face. Payne will also unveil several new products and features for the first time available to small business partners.


Recruitment and Retention

Millions of ​​people have quit their jobs since April 2021, and millions more are expected to leave in the coming months. Small businesses everywhere are struggling to brave the "turnover tsunami." Here, we'll share trusted tips for recruiting and retaining top talent.


What are Customers Craving?

Unpack the latest delivery, pickup, and online ordering trends and find out how to incorporate these learnings into your business.


Leading the Way to Wellness

Find out how to maintain your own health and wellness as well as create a healthy, supportive work environment for your employees.


Yelp for Restaurants: Tips and Best Practices

In this session, we broke down everything you need to know about using Yelp as a business owner, including how to get started, tips for success, and more.


How Disruption Leads to Transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic may have disrupted ‘business as usual’ and forced some drastic changes upon the restaurant industry, but this disruption has also awoken many owners and operators to an opportunity to accelerate tech trends, fast-track change and re-imagine restaurants.


Facebook & Instagram for Small Business

Facebook and Instagram are great marketing tools — but when you're running a small business, you may not have the bandwidth to give social media the time and attention you'd like. Whether it's setting up your page or promoting it, our experts will help you make the most out of your Facebook and Instagram presence.


Creating Equity in the Restaurant Industry

Having a strong restaurant industry means creating an environment where all restaurant owners, workers, and community members can thrive. In this panel we’ll discuss how restaurants can build stronger ties to their community and reach across differences to build a better industry for all.


Diversify Your Revenue Streams

Find out how you can expand into new revenue streams on and off the DoorDash platform by capitalizing on your customers' needs.


Introducing Your Dedicated Support Contact For Account Needs

We've heard from our restaurant partners first hand about the importance of having a DoorDash contact to help work through and resolve account-related issues. Join DoorDash Chief Restaurant Advisor, Stephanie Izard and DoorDash Director of Merchant Experience, Xenia Strunnikova in a conversation to learn more about what you can expect from your new Merchant Experience Partner and how to best use DoorDash’s various support channels.

Grow Sales

How to Grow Your Sales on DoorDash

Learn how to grow your sales on DoorDash through actionable data insights, menu optimization, promotional strategies, and more.

Building a Brand

Building a Brand

Round table conversation between marketing experts in the food space on how to build your brand to drive customer affinity, loyalty and sales.


Sustainable Supply Chain

Restaurants are beginning to offer more sustainable menus that help, not harm, the environment — and consumers are paying attention. Learn how sustainable supply chain management can help you grow revenue and improve efficiency.


Ask Me Anything with DoorDash CEO Tony Xu

Check out the Ask Me Anything session with DoorDash CEO Tony Xu for candid answers to hard-hitting questions. Also, Tony will share closing remarks to wrap up the inaugural Main Street Strong Restaurant Conference.

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