Most Loved

Rewarding the top-rated and most reliable restaurants on DoorDash.

The Benefits of Being Most Loved

As a Most Loved restaurant, you’ll get more visibility, increase your earning potential, and enjoy exclusive perks.

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Better visibility

You’ll be featured on the app homepage. More visibility = more potential orders.

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Attract new customers

Being a Most Loved restaurant builds credibility & trust with Customers who want to try something new.

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Free marketing toolkit

Proudly display your hard-earned Most Loved status with special marketing materials.

How to become a Most Loved restaurant


Meet specific performance goals every month (scroll down for details)


Maintain an overall lifetime rating of 4.5+ (what customers see in the app)

Monthly Performance Goals

At the beginning of every month, we evaluate your performance from the month before. If your store meets the criteria below, you'll earn or keep your status as a Most Loved restaurant.


Less than 0.3% Avoidable Cancellation Rate

Avoidable cancellation rate measures the number of orders cancelled. Only circumstances within your store’s control, like incorrect store hours, are counted.


Less than 2.25% Order Error Rate

Order error rate measures how frequently customers report missing items or food that was poorly or incorrectly prepared.


Less than 2 mins Avoidable Wait

Avoidable wait measures how long Dashers wait for their orders after the time you confirmed it would be ready.


4.7+ Overall Rating

Overall rating reflects how all DoorDash customers respond to a question about the quality of food from their order.


25+ Completed Deliveries

The number of completed orders you’ve received through DoorDash within the month.

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Track your progress

Want more information on your store's performance? You can view your performance metrics at any time in the Merchant Portal under the Operations Quality tab.

If you’d like detailed information on how each of you stores are tracking towards Most Loved status, please fill out the form here and we’ll email you a report.

Are your numbers not quite where you want them?

Don’t worry, Most Loved is designed to be attainable! Identify the metric(s) you need to improve, then check out the tips below for bettering your customer experience and reaching that Most Loved status.

Ensure your hours are correct, especially on holidays. Confirm your business and menu hours to avoid cancellations due to your store being “closed.” 

Confirm orders quickly or set up auto-confirm to avoid cancellations due to lack of confirmation.


Pause your store if you're too busy to accept orders right now to avoid having to cancel them.


Keep your menu up to date and mark items out of stock on your Tablet or within the Portal if they’re no longer available.


Provide Dasher instructions if your store is hard to locate or can be easily missed by Dashers.


Remember: Customers who experience an Avoidable Cancellation at your store are less likely to order from you again!


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Ensure your menu is up to date, including when items are out of stock to reduce the likelihood of “missing” items.


Label orders with the customer’s name and/or attach a printed ticket to the order to help ensure Dashers deliver the right order.


Double check for modifications and special requests. Contact the customer directly for any clarifications.


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Update pickup instructions. Provide clear instructions for Dashers, including where to park and if there is a special entrance or line they should use. 


Set your kitchen status as Busy when things are especially busy so Dashers will have an accurate sense of when they should arrive to pick up their order. 

Ensure prep times are accurate.


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Review customer feedback of your food and make note of any recurring trends you can address. 

Go above and beyond by using packaging that ensures your food travels well, including instructions for reheating, or adding a note to thank customers for their support.